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Mobango: Messaging with TU Me
Global Android downloads
More than100k downloads in 4 weeks
More than 50% view to download ratio
High conversion from download to open rates
The App

Telefónica Digital recently released their new Android app, TU Me, which is a free, all-in-one global communicator that puts text, calls, shared on a brilliantly simple timeline.

The Objective

Competing with already popular and established apps such as Skype and WhatsApp, Telefonica's ambition for TU Me was to make it a globally popular application even if users are in countries outside of their network footprint.

The Marketing Plan, Execution

TU Me began using Mobango's Pay Per Download (PPD) solution in June 2012. The PPD tool allows TU Me to choose their target customers across countries, devices and Android operating systems.

Mobango ensured easy app dicovery for TU Me App through consistently high visibility for as a 'top app' and featuring on Mobango's Social Media pages as 'App of the Day' on Facebook and Twitter. Mobango targeted users highlighting TU Me App through several marketing promotions to increase recall leading them back to the app.

Mobango provided access to intensive analytics to TU Me which enables in-depth analysis of the campaign and derive maximum ROI.

The Results

TU Me is being received very well by users and the popular app has already generated more than 200,000 views within a short period of 2 months on Mobango. Today, TU Me has achieved over 100,000 downloads and is still counting.

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