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85 mn Game downloads on Mobango in 2012
A Glimpse of 2012
8,000+ gaming developers sign up in 2012
15,000+ games published in 2012
Action, Racing & Adventure games most popular
Android engagement significantly higher than Java platform
Games are the most popular content type on Mobango
2012 saw 8,000+ new gaming developers sign up on Mobango. This has resulted in more than 15000+ games being uploaded on Mobango during the year. On an overall basis Mobango hosts over 40,000 casual games. Some of the notable developers on Mobango include ZeptoLabs, Halfbrick, Kira Games, Herocraft, G P Imports, Deemedya, Disney, Happy Bay and many more.

Our review of user engagement data indicated that Games are amongst the most popular genres of mobile entertainment content that users search and download on Mobango. As noted above, nearly 28% of all downloads are of Mobile games and the rest split between Applications and Videos that users download.

We find that this trend is not isolated to any particular market – with strong game downloads from US, UK, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and India. India was the single largest market in terms of download for us with over 25m downloads in 2012.
Users have strong preference to certain gaming categories
We dug deeper into our data to identify what users prefer to download, by looking into games by categories and looked at the relative popularity by looking at download per title published. The below results indicate some relevant and statistically significant user preferences.

Please note that the above does not indicate user engagement - for instance we wouldn’t know if time spent on strategy games is higher relative to action and racing. But what it does indicate is user intent at time of download.

Just as a comparison, Google data indicates that average download per title on Google play is circa 20,000 per annnum, given their nearly 700,000 apps and games on Gooogle play.

Also please note that this is only an average. Within this for instance, we have developers who have driven very large number of downloads. For instance, Herocraft Studios has delivered over 2m downloads in the last year on Mobango.
Mid size devices are prolific downloaders
While analyzing downloads by device profiles, we looked at data points by platform and brands. The top brands for Android platform in terms of downloads on Mobango were Samsung, HTC, Sony and LG. While for Java platform, Nokia, Samsung and Sony devices delivered the most downloads.

The next key element that we looked at was download behavior by a key attribute of the device which is the screen size. To say gaming experience is better on large screen is better is a cliché – but our data did not see a direct correlation.

As the graph shows below, devices that were medium in size (screen size above 240 pixels in either dimension but below 400 pixels in either dimension) were the highest downloaders of games by a huge margin. Medium size devices which have nearly 40% of visits on Mobango, their contribution to game downloads was almost 60% of all downloads on Mobango.
Larger devices lead on engagement
Looking at data on user engagement with Games post download, however reveals a very different story. We analysed the data separately for Java platforms and for Android platforms for devices of similar size screens.

While for small devices, Android engagement is similar to Java devices however, when it comes to medium or larger devices, Android engagement outstrips Java devices significantly. As the graph below shows the relative engagement, large devices on Android have much higher engagement with the games (about 70% more than Java devices) per download. This would have a direct impact on monetization ability of these games for the developers.
In summary
Games continue to be a strong mobile entertainment genre globally and for Mobango. These insights into the target user groups around downloads and engagement may be specific inputs to game developers while building their user base for the games.

Given increasing cost of distribution of games in a highly crowded apps world with nearly 1m apps and games per platform, focusing on these metrics could provide higher monetization for developers.
Some of the developers on Mobango:
Herocraft-downloads:15.5 MN + downloads Disney Games-downloads:4 MN + downloads
Happybay-downloads:1.3 MN + downloads G P Imports-downloads:0.8 MN + downloads
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