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Worldwide News Update
Mobango Blog: A bouquet of dating and match making apps for all !  New
Finding a good match or a prospective bride to be, just became easier with the advent of Smartphone......more

Worldwide News Update
Developer Economics 2011 – Winners and losers in the platform race
Courtesy - Vision Mobile

Who is leading in the platform race – and who's lagging behind? Marketing Manager Matos Kapetanakis examines the flow of developer mindshare and discusses how success is measured in the app era......more

The 10 Best Android Apps that Make Rooting Your Phone Worth the Hassle
Courtesy - Life Hacker

Thinking twice over Rooting your Android phone? A list of 10 applications which will make rooting totally worth it......more

Smartphone Pillow Talk
Courtesy - iPass

An Infographic to show how much people love their Smartphones throughout the day and even in their sleep.....more

eBuddy XMS launches worldwide on iOS and Android, takes game to Kik and WhatsApp
Courtesy - The Next Web

eBuddy, famous for allowing its users to connect to the world's most popular instant messaging networks from anywhere in the world,announced its free real-time messaging app XMS.....more

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 review
Courtesy - BGR

With a dual core processor and looks thinner than the iPad2 , seems like Apple has found a worthy contender.....more

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Dressing Room
  The Free ICONS Messaging SMS Application. Send Your Friends A Message With Icons: Type Your Message, Insert Icons And Send It To Your Friends. It's Free, Download Now!....more
Developer Resources
Developer Resources
  orange_icon Social networking on the go....more
  orange_icon Location based services and mobile apps!....more
Developer Resources
  orange_icon The 7 signs of failure for internet startups...more
  orange_icon The small business Journey....more
Developer Resources
  orange_icon ASUS PadFone revealed
    Is it a Tablet? Is it a Smartphone? Presenting the Padfone by Asus : The next Gen Gizmo more
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  orange_icon iPride : from Riches to Rags...more
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  orange_icon Get your application downloaded by millions of mobile phone users!...more
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