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  App champ of the month  
  Top 2 downloaded apps of December  
App Name : Paytm
Downloads for the Month : Over 28,000
  App Name : Vault
Downloads for the Month : Over 26,000
Paytm   Vault-Hide SMS Pics and Videos
  Who really makes money in today's apps economy?  
There is much confusion about what really works in today's app economy. Though it looks like apps are still a big media market with high usage of mobile apps with more discovery options available, the monetizaation per device is low. So who's making money? A rightful question raised at Appfest, Hyderabad where Mobango sponsored India's first ever Hackathon ...Read More
  Download vs. Installs    
Often there is a huge gap between the number of downloads vis-à-vis installs. While there could be many reasons for it, the most prevalent ones are related to app size and data connectivity. The ‘one-size-fit-all’ model does not necessarily work across geographies, handset models and OS... Read More
  Our current favorites  
  You made it, we loved it! Amongst the thousands of apps that we have onboarded in the last quarter, these are just some of the apps that the Mobango team has loved.  
MoLauncher Super Pig
Star Wars_Superhero Return City Adventure
Christmas Dessert Maker Fotodanz
China gets the iphone 5 but will this help Apple's market share
Apple, The Silver Lining Is Millions Will Finally Upgrade To iOS 6
4G in the UK: EE announce 17 more cities to receive 4G service by March 2013
Can Blackberry regain its enterprise footing?
Galaxy S IV may not have an unbreakable display after all
E-reader sales plunge as tablets take over
More than half of US smartphone shoppers plan to buy Apple's iPhone 5
Store Index: How To Read The Chart
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